Content Extraction software and services for newspapers and magazines from PDF documents.
Use our tools or services to re-purpose your PDF content into any format -- xml, html, database, etc.
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xtPDF Extractor  - Extract your Publication's PDF content and export in any format.    

PDF to xml, PDF to html, PDF to CMS, PDF to archive, PDF to any DB.
  • Are you a publication that needs to get fielded content out of your PDF's and into another format such as xml?
  • Are you using a manual process to get stories or ad content ready for your website, archives or CMS?
  • Do you need an xml feed of your stories or ads for your archive, CMS or for a 3rd party vendor?
Use xtPDF Extractor to extract fielded content (stories, photos, advertising, graphics) from your PDF's and export in any tagged format such as xml, html, any CMS format, archives or database.
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