Did you know:
  Our largest customer processes over 200 publications per week using xtPDF Extractor
  xtPDF works with the McClatchy Interactive Content Management System

Document Services

• Data extraction and re-formatting of content from PDF documents
• Send us your PDF files on a daily basis. We can extract the content and enhance as needed. Once the data is ready we provide you, the customer, with the data in single or multiple formats as needed.
We can provide the data in xml, html, any database, archiving or content management system format.
Prices vary based on the complexity of the publication and the volume of content processed. Please contact us for a quote.

Hosting Services

If you would like to use our online products – xtArchive or xtWebEdition and do not have the appropriate hardware/software, we can host the product for you on our servers.

Custom Work

We are database and content experts with years of experience in the newspaper and magazine industry. If you have technical/content issues that need help, make sure you ask us for a quote.
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  xtPDF Extractor 
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