Did you know:
  Gannett uses xtQ at 46 of their papers
  Ziff Davis uses xtQ for 13 magazines
  Almost every major Quark-based paper in Canada uses xtQ
  FP Infomart processes more than 90 publications a day using xtQ
Other Products

XTI has created a variety of other products to make the XTI products function for every custom situation. If a solution is not listed here that you require, we can probably create it for you. Some of our products:

• xtNewsStand - the xtNewsStand option extends the functionality of xtArchive to permit cross-publication searching and browsing. This configuration is ideal for content-sharing across newspaper chains.
• xtOracle - a program that reads XML files and imports contained data into an Oracle database for indexing by ConText and for web access.
• xtConvert -a suite of Java-based programs that can convert data from one format to another.
• xtFlow - a program that flows pre-configured ads from ancillary databases, such as automobile and real estate inventories, directly on to a Quark page.
• xtPhoto - a suite of modules that moves photos from the user’s desktop into an IPTC photo wrapper for transmission on broadband networks.
XTI Products
  xtQ Extractor 
  xtPDF Extractor 
  Other Products
"We have received first-class technical support, direct from the software designers. For us, that puts xtWebEdition in a class by itself."
Bob Kelly,
Salina Journal 
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